Dickens' Inspiration for "A Christmas Carol"

Most people don’t realize “A Christmas Carol” has a Biblical foundation. Each of the spirits that appear in A Christmas Carol directly correlates with an Advent lesson that is found in the Church of England’s Book of Common Prayer. The Advent lessons in Isaiah teach us that when we shut out the poor we are shutting out Christ.  Perhaps that is what attracts Christians to the story of A Christmas Carol. Every Advent Christians revisit this old Victorian moral story with its images of snow covered English cobblestone streets, the sentimentally portrayed, ragged poor, and its’ familiar story line doesn’t seem to grow tiresome through the years. We revisit this story because it echoes with the ancient lessons of Advent. Hearing the Gospel Through Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” is a Christian devotional that uses “A Christmas Carol” as a tool to teach the ancient Advent lessons of Hope, Faith, Peace, Love and Joy. Each week’s devotion begins with a section from A Christmas Carol which dramatizes the Advent lessons and is followed with a scriptural Advent lesson from The Church of England’s Book of Prayer. The word Ebenezer is defined in scripture as “The Lord is my help” -1 Samuel 7:12  

Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol as an Advent Devotion building upon the lessons in the Anglican Prayer book.  He was rebuking the Church for being unprepared for the birth of Christ by closing their hearts to the poor by the Victorian Church's support of the Poor men's laws. 

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